Thursday, 14 September 2017

Le Point de Bayeux - The Bayeux Tapestry Stitch

                  Prepare outline of design shape to be filled using point de tige .

Yes, lets set the Bayeux Tapestry Stitch apart from the rest and learn a little French !
Ha ! Ha !  Point de tige -- is Stem Stitch !

 O.k so I got a little bit carried away with my Stem stitched outline and stitched a Quatrefoil window !( I also used plain easy Satin stitch for that ).
  My wool arrived ..I think I already mentioned that I,m using Appleton's Crewel wool .
 I ordered mine from . Surprised to see new labels !
I,m using a beautiful piece of antique linen .

        Point de lancé  -  Take the thread from side to side, but not across the back .

   Barrettes -  Perpendicular threads carried across about 5mm apart ..and once again ,not across the back .

 Picots  - tiny slightly slanting stitches which hold down the Barrettes . About 5mm apart alternating .

The reverse - shows how this embroidery style does not waste precious hand-spun and dyed wool .

I managed to do this piece without a frame , but if I were doing a larger piece , then I would definitely use one .

          I,m beginning to love the Point de Bayeux  ! Maybe I will do a larger one !

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Bayeux Tapestry Stitch -prepare slightly larger sample

 I finished my tiny Halley's Comet , my first attempt at doing Bayeux Tapestry stitch . The thing is , this is is actually a process of working three stitches together , which I will be able to show more clearly in my next post .

                     So I am sorting through my wool again and deciding on colours .

                I even tried out the colours together with my colouring pencils .
              This will just be a little sample to go into my personal stitch book .

 I prepared this Quatrefoil medieval window and I,m going to fill it with Bayeux Tapestry stitch .
I chose my colours and as always happens ,  I haven't got enough of Appleton's crewel wool no 481 to get started ! So I,m now waiting for that (and a few others ) to be sent to me from The Viking Loom  .
Meanwhile I am going to put my feet up and have a lovely browse through these two wonderful books .

The Bayeux Tapestry  by David .M.Wilson  and   Herbier medieval by Bruno Fogliazza  .
 Simply the best book ever on the subject of the Bayeux Tapestry and  Bruno's book shows beautifully , how to do and use the Bayeux Stitch for other modern designs . I love your book Bruno !
 I also give here the link to Chantal James wonderful website  ..sigh ..I wish to go and see her workshop !

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Medieval Stars

                                 I finally decided to stitch the flag of Saint George .

I decided that the stars should just sink into the background , not to make a big thing out of them with bright colours and definitely no beads  .
I only put a little yellow colonial knot into the centre of three of the stars .
 It got me thinking though , about medieval stars and how we often see them illustrated in early illuminations .

 I,ve been meaning to do something from the Bayeux Tapestry for a while and have a proper go at the Bayeux Tapestry stitch  .
 I thought I would start with something small .

    1066 Halley's Comet - Isti mirant stella - which translated means "The people marvel of the star ".
I chose to stitch it as it is now , with faded colours , although , it is said  , that on examining the reverse side , the colours have not faded all that much .
The  Bayeux Tapestry is actually Crewel embroidery and not a tapestry at all .
The word crewel comes from the old Anglo Saxon word "cleow " which is wool fleece spun into two fine threads and then twisted together .
 Worsted means a fine smooth thread which has been spun from long staple wool . Staple meaning the length of the fibre in the fleece .
 Crewel work is embroidery with this fine wool .

Sigh, my photos didn't come out , where I show you how I do Bayeux Tapestry stitch .(boring bit  ---Picasa have stopped running and I,m supposed to change over to Google Photos which is not as good as Picasa so I,m told .  So I will go away and see what I can do and put those pictures on next time hopefully . I am not a rocket scientist ! )

 I amused myself for a long while looking at the sun , moon and stars in old illuminations .
I love the flower like stars of the illuminations of the Visions of Hildegard von Bingen .
 I love the bright colours of these 11th and 12th century illuminations .

 I bought some lovely blue linen which looked lovely on line but turned out to be too thin really for my crewel work , so I decided to use it to doodle and experiment on .
I thought I,d give this very expensive Bohin white fabric marking pencil a try . I usually am quite happy with an ordinary pencil , well a soft lead one anyway pencil has nearly worn out !

                               I drew it on freehand and actually went over it twice .

 By the time I had stitched around the star , the middle circle had worn away .
So, if I use this again in the future , I can see that I should only draw a little bit at a time .
It makes a beautifully fine line though .

It is a scorching hot Bank holiday Monday . The beach is filled with happy families once again . The roads are busy with people driving from place to place .
I take my little dog out nice and early ,while it is cool ,for her walkies , usually over at Goonhilly or the woods .

Then hang out the washing and retire to the Summer house to read and paint and stitch .

Too hot to do any gardening ....although maybe later as the sun goes down .

I,m thinking and praying for all of you caught up in Hurricane Harvey . Hope the rain will stop soon and help arrive swiftly to those of you who need help and rescue .

Monday, 21 August 2017

Medieval Stars and Flags , Crewel wool , Gold threads or Beads .

Making good progress with my medieval cog ship , but have some decisions to make .

         I will come back to the waves , as I have been moved to embroider the stars .

 The stars on the seal look like little flowers , so to make them a little bit more star like , I was thinking of putting french knots in the centre .

                                           Maybe heraldic gold crewel wool ...

                                Maybe gold thread give a little sparkle ?

Maybe silver thread would be better ?..maybe a little bit of silver glinting in the waves ?

                                             .... and what about the flags ?
                                      Should I do the flag on the Seal of Stralsund ?
                              Should I just keep it a neutral and just pick a colour ?

                                    ...  or do the Cornish Flag of St Piran ?
                                                   That would be fun !
         It didn't come into use until that wouldn't be quite right ....sadly .

                                      The flag of St George would be o.k .
                   That was in use on ships at this time in medieval history , around 1340.

 Shall I stitch on tiny pearls or little shells ? Ho... hmmm ...that would make it begin to look too Elizabethan maybe ?

                            I spent a very relaxing hour playing with my beads ....

                              ....and looking through my box of goldwork threads .
                                                   I just cant decide !

Monday, 7 August 2017

Making waves !

                                                      Making waves .

                                                       The mast and sails .

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Medieval Cog Ship Crewel


 New lovable  Kelmscott scissors ! Tied with colourful cheerfulness from Yarn Yarn .
A scrap of linen from my hoard  .
A Chenille needle with a golden eye  .  
Appleton's beautiful Crewel Wool.... the colours chosen as I progress .

           I'm still back in medieval times .  This time sailing on a medieval Cog ship .


                 The design is from the Seal of Stralsund and the date is 1329 .
                I want to bring it to life with lots of medieval colour .

                    I embroidered his little face first , to bring him to life .
              He can keep me company and tell me his tales of the sea whilst I stitch .

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Medieval Prince

 This is a piece I,ve been working on over quite a long period of time, little by little, whenever I have had a few spare minutes .
I still have quite a bit to do on this before it is finished . I have made a cord for his belt , the horse will have pendants and  tassels..I might put some stars in the sky and there will be more flowers in the grass .

   With a goodly selection of shades in my bag  at all times , I moved about the linen , as my mood took me ....drawing on the animals in pencil as they came into my mind ...or were suggested to me by friends and even interested passers by .The Prince on his  horse with his crossbow , was from the cover of an old book , it was just an outline ,there was no colour picture of it so I was free to choose the colours . The inspiration for the animals came from 13th century illuminations .

                              Here are a few photos that I took along the way .

                                                    Lots of hiding creatures .

                        A Jay up in the tree..I think I later stitched a nest for her to sit in .

                                           Trout in the pool amongst the tree roots .

                I have made a cord for his belt sew on ..coming soon .

                       The trees  , I wanted to be similar to those in the Bayeux Tapestry .

At this stage I had no idea that I would eventually fill the whole of the linen cloth .

                                                           The startled Raven .

                                   Soft comforting crewel wool and beautiful colours .


 I didn't use a frame , I rarely do ..I don't mean ..never..just , only occasionally ..but not for this piece .

                                               My trusty chenille needle .

                                                       A dragon appears !

                             So many shades of green favourite colour !

                                        That Dragon again coming to life !

                I will return to this and I have plans for it ,  but now it is time to start something else ........