Monday, 13 February 2017

Hopping mad !

                                                           Hopping mad !
I had planned to stitch all the gold areas next , but the numbers on the wool skein labels do not match the numbers on the instruction leaflet picture chart . I studied it for ages....and gave myself a headache .
 The labels on the skeins are 3, 4 and 5 ...but the small yellow flower is marked as being 2 , 3 and 4. T he butterfly is marked as being stitched in 2 , 3 , 4 and 5 . It quite clearly says on the instruction sheet that there are three shades of each colour in the kit .

                                It is a vintage kit , so I cant contact anyone to ask .

     So I stitched the happy little froggy next instead , before returning to the gold areas .
 I just did the best I could  .
 I,m now doing the caterpillar , which is worked in an altogether even more terrifying stitch  known as Tufted Stitch , in forest green and light gold .
  So here goes .....I,m not going to attempt a tutorial here..these are sort of back stitches which hold down little loops , which are then snipped to give a furry or carpet effect .

                                                               Stress !
                     I did once know how to do this stitch , a very long time ago ! :)

Monday, 23 January 2017

Elsa Williams Woodland Animals Crewel Kit

A lightly frosty morning here in Mullion , but worth noting since we dont very often see this .

We took the dog for a walk along the cliffs and I thought you might like to see a little of where I live .This was just an hour ago or so...not a cloud in the sky  .

 This is looking towards Gunwalloe  Church Cove , there's my shadow waving to you ! :)

                  A beautiful morning we enjoyed our walk and flask of coffee .

After lunch and having a little rest now . Time to do a little of my new , vintage unopened  Elsa Williams crewel  kit and quite a rare find here in the UK .
 I always begin with the most tedious parts first , in this case all the stem stitched stems , tree trunk , satin stitch and long and short stitched leaves . After working all this I reward myself with the prettier things like the more intricate trellis stitched leaves . I am nearly there ; then I will  allow myself to dip into the more colourful threads for the flowers and finally , the woodland creatures .

This kit doesn't actually have a name as such on the picture on the packet it says "Crewel Embroidery Picture or Pillow Kit" by Elsa Williams Needlecraft Creations. It does have a number which is 00078 and it also says  "made in USA"West Townsend , Mass . 01474 .
  I have been told that this one is known as the Woodland Animals Kit ....but if anyone knows otherwise , I would be really interested to hear from you .I would also like to know the name of the designer and the date ?
 On the instruction card , it talks about a book  - Heritage Embroidery by Elsa S.Williams  published by Van Nostrand Reinhold ....which I have and can recommend if you are interested in crewel embroidery . This book can still be quite easily found on the usual used books websites and for a sensible price if you look around .
  I,m not parting with mine !
Time to go , things to do , shopping and looking after grandchildren this afternoon :)

Monday, 19 December 2016

Grandma's Toy Hospital Emergency !

Clanger has been rushed into the A+E department of Grandma's Toy Hospital in Mullion this morning .  As in all hospitals right now , Christmas is such a busy time .

                                               Coming apart under his chin !

                                             Worse ! He has become quite bald !

                                                      This is soon fixed .

                                 Then for more delicate "under the chin " surgery .

 Made a better job of it this time round ,stitching all along with stronger wool  .

                   All done ! One happy Clanger = one happy little grandson !

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Autumn Stitching update

Sitting cosily  in the car , at the top of the cliffs , looking towards Gunwalloe , doing a little stitching  , while the rain lashes down .

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Starting the Oast Houses of Kent Countryside crewel embroidery .

 I was so lucky to have the right colours for the oast houses in amongst the vintage crewel wool in my basket .  There was no picture , nor instruction leaflet with the transfer . I did find a picture of the front of the original leaflet , so I can use that as a guide , but there is no list of the colours or stitches or the order in which to do it .

So to begin with I went over some of the more important details with a sharp pencil . I think I,ll do this a little  bit at a time , because it could smudge .Then I,ll stitch a bit around the outlines of things and just see how it goes really .
Once again , like the other vintage embroidery I did , the stitches in these Briggs leaflets are mostly the basic ones .... back stitch, stem stitch , crewel stitch , long and short shading , detatched chain stitch for the leaves and what else can I see ?.....ah ...French knots ..lots of French knots on the cherry blossom ....and it is all very freely and painterly done  , or so it seems to me .
 Actually ,  I am not even sure if this one is a Briggs Embroidery transfer ,  There is no makers name on the transfer  . Maybe someone could let me know ?

 The sun has come out , so I,m off to sit out in my garden and stitch a little more .

Friday, 9 September 2016